Thursday, November 4, 2010


Born Dwayne Michael Carter, Lil Wayne was arrested and put into jail nearly 8 months ago on weapons charges. Today, he has officially been released from jail and set out to roam the streets once again. While in jail at Rikers, Lil Wayne was caught with an MP3 player and forced into solitary confinement which was supposed to extend his time in jail but didn't. Why is it that celebrities are faced with less severe punishments than the average citizen? Lil Wayne just as anyone else committed a crime, we need to instill the idea that committing a crime is wrong, even if you are the "greatest rapper alive." At times it is hard to decide if celebrities should get certain treatment because of the fact that they are famous, but when it comes down to it, the law is black and white and there shouldn't be any gray areas because you have a household name.
         As if he wasn’t famous enough, after releasing his 8th album last month “I AM NOT A HUMAN” it was as if he was never in jail. His newly released songs infiltrated America right as he was going away and spread his popularity. Lil Wayne might be one of the most listened to rappers today and I can’t wait for Lil Wayne to start producing more albums now that he is out of jail! After his release at 5:00 A.M. this morning, he has big plans ahead of him for the day. Of course his record label is throwing him a huge getting out of jail party tonight in Miami… no big deal he just got out of jail, it’s time to celebrate in style.

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